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Artisan Chocolate Bar from Zokoko Chocolate, Blue Mountains NSW

Mbingu Dark$14.00
Pure origin Bean to Bar Chocolate. Directly sourced from the Kilombero district of Tanzania. This chocolate displays notes of raisin, plums and panela.
Awarded a Bronze Medal in the Bean to Bar Best Dark Bar at the Academy of Chocolate Awards, London 2018. 70% Cacoa content.  85g.
Pure origin Bean to Bar Chocolate. ‘Cocodrilo especial’ is a wild harvested cacao from the chocolatales of Tranquilidad, near Baures, Bolivia. This chocolate has notes of honey and dried fruit with balanced cocoa flavour and a luxurious, delicate finish. 
Awarded a Bronze Medal in the Bean to Bar Best Dark Bar at the Academy of Chocolate Awards, London 2011. 72% Cacao content. 85g.


About Zokoko Chocolate

Australian handmade bean to bar chocolate, rich intense flavours, 45% to 78% dark cacao. The Zokoko chocolate factory and cafe is located at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Emu Heights.

Sourcing unique cacao and working directly with growers is the first step in the process of creating our artisan chocolate. Each batch of beans is expertly roasted with great attention by our roaster and then the nibs are slowly ground to retain the floral and fruit notes present in the bean.

Our refining process produces the desired soft, velvety, smooth texture of the finished bar whilst tempering ensures that each bar looks and tastes its best. The elegance and class of each chocolate bar is matched by the look and feel of the packaged product.

Each Zokoko chocolate bar is unique and holds rich layers of flavour due to our careful steps taken in turning beautiful beans into amazing chocolate reflective of its origin.

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