Members’ Dining Room

Unavailable to hire until July 2024

Members’ Dining Room

This unique dining room features floor-to-ceiling windows, garden views, an antique fireplace and a private outdoor courtyard. It is ideal for conferences, luncheons and stand-up cocktail dinner events.


  • Business hours | $200 an hour
  • After hours | $700 an hour
  • Business hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5:30pm
  • 15% surcharge on total spend for Saturday.
  • 20% surcharge on total spend for Sunday.
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This exclusive room is located within a restricted part of the building and is not available to hire on Sitting Night of Parliament.

The registration table for this room is located next to the security desk in the Fountain Court, please refer to the floor plan. On a Sitting Day of Parliament, this room can only be booked until 3pm, please refer to the sitting calendar. 


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