Organic Honey

100% Raw Honey from Maya Sunny Honey, Mudgee NSW

Yellow Box honey$11.00
Raw Yellow Box honey is a beautiful light amber hue, has delicate floral notes with a mild aroma. This traditional honey is smooth and is versatile in its use. 300 g
Lavender infused honey$11.00
100% Raw Eucalyptus Honey infused with Lavender petals. This amber honey is characterised by it’s floral, fruity and woody notes. It’s aromatherapy qualities provide a calm and soothing taste. 300 g
Macadamia infused honey$11.00
100% Yellow Box Honey infused with raw Macadamias. It’s a perfect combination for any sweet tooth. 300 g



Maya Sunny Honey is a 100% raw honey range, handcrafted from Mudgee, NSW, Australia.

Maya Sunny Honey unique honey harvest consist of a system that allows the bees to come into an empty jar and create the honeycomb from scratch. Each jar is a mini bee hive, with about 450-500 bees working to sculpture an exceptional and unique honeycomb.
Each jar displays the natural alignment of the honeycomb production by the bees. The essence of the Australian bush is contained within the honeycomb in the jar. Traces of natural healing propolis* may be found around the neck of the jar and inside the jar. This system of honeycomb production is unique and revolutionary.

Propolis* is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, it can be used as a natural alternative to penicillin and other antibiotics. Propolis can promote healing and regeneration of tissue, and provides a superior source of energy. 


Maya Sunny Honey believes honey should be enjoyed in its most pure form, allowing full benefit of its nutritional properties.

By working closely with the hives, Maya Sunny Honey is excited to share their passion and knowledge of bees with everyone.