Organic Candles

100% Organic Soy Candles from Meeraboo, Canowindra NSW

Australian Botanicals Collection

Fresh flora and fauna dance on notes of clove, fir needle, leafy greens and just a hint of lemongrass. 200g / 30+ hours / single wick.
Banksia & Bergamot$28.50
A fresh fusion of grapefruit, bergamot and banksia finished with cassia bark and cedarwood. 200g / 30+ hours / single wick.
Lemon Myrtle$28.50
A unique Australian fragrance combining lemon, eucalyptus and fresh herbal notes. 200g / 30+ hours / single wick.
Blue Cypress + Native Sage$28.50
A fresh Christmas tree, a beautiful blend of spruce, fir needles, cedar wood, spearmint and amber. 200g / 30+ hours / single wick.
Eucalyptus + Bush Lemon$28.50
A eucalyptus inspired scent, notes of eucalyptus, tea tree and lemongrass. 200g / 30+ hours / single wick.
Australian Travel Candle Gift Set$49.90
Includes three Australian inspired scents including Sweet Plum + Lilly Pilly, Blue Cypress + Native Sage and Eucalyptus + Bush Lemon. Tin size: 3oz with a burn time of 25+ hours x 3 tins.


About Meeraboo

Meeraboo soy candles are 100% organic and handcrafted from Canowindra, NSW Australia.

Handcrafted in the Bush NSW, the candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and a blend of fragrance and essential oils. The candles are individually handpoured in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. The aesthetic is minimalist and classic, working in a palette of white and gold to create a timeless and luxurious collection. The scents are inspired by simplicity with a touch of rural Australia.

About the Artist

Holly Sanders

Features hand painted illustrations of native flora and fauna by Holly Sanders. This collection is not only a celebration of culture and Country, but also represents the merging of traditional and contemporary Indigenous art.

Holly Sanders is a proud Aboriginal Bundjalung woman from North Coast New South Wales. Through her art, she aims to share her stories, culture and Country in a contemporary way. The patterns of her Saltwater Country motivate her, as do stories from the past. The colours and patterns utilised in her art are a reflection of her connection to Country and used to develop a modern interpretation of her Aboriginal culture. Painting is important for her identity, well-being and expresses the way she understands and respects her culture, ancestors and Country.