A 360° virtual visit of Parliament House

This interactive virtual tour allows you to explore Parliament House from your desktop PC or smartphone. Step into the chambers of Australia’s oldest Parliament and stroll through the iconic function rooms and event spaces. The immersive virtual environments are richly layered to provide a sense of what the real environment might look, feel and sound like.

Click on the Virtual Tours Icon below to enter the tour.


Tour navigation Use your mouse, keyboard or touch screen to enter each room and to navigate the direction. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move about the space or click and drag with your mouse. You can also control the direction and speed of the tour.

Virtual Tour Map

Use the virtual map to explore the rooms, the blue dot highlights which room you are standing in and the blue shade reflects the direction. As the room pans from right to left, the viewing angle will change.


The toolbar located at the bottom right of the screen can be used to control the varies function options including the ability to zoom in & out, pan up & down, left to right, share with others and enter full screen.


The icons located at the bottom left of the screen can be used to switch between the different rooms and the different function room setups. Some function rooms have different options for setting up.

Guide to different function room setups

The requirements of an event and the capacities of a function room determine which space is most suitable to book. To understand the terminology and to view the various setup styles and options for conferences, meetings and events, please click here. 

Virtual Brochure

Click on the Packages Icon to view the digital Function & Events Brochure. Use the mouse, keyboard or touchscreen to turn the pages of the brochure.

Virtual Tour

Click on the Virtual Tours Icon to enter the virtual tours of Parliament House. Use the mouse, keyboard or touchscreen to virtually navigate the building.