Nomad Chocolates

Organic Artisan Products from Nomad Chocolate, Kirrawee NSW

Lavender and Pink Salt Dark Chocolate$8.30
Crafted with lavender flowers and pink salt. Organic, Vegan, dairy, gluten and soy free dark chocolate 85g.
Coffee Dark Chocolate$8.30
Delicately roasted high grown coffee paired with 72% Dark Chocolate. Vegan, dairy and gluten free. 85g.
Chocolate Buttons$15.00
Scrumptious chocolate buttons made from 72% single origin dark chocolate. Subtle fruity and woody notes that balance both flavour sophistication and versatility. Organic, vegan, dairy free and gluten free. 200g
Three Pence Roasted Coffee$14.00
Three Pence’s award winning signature blend, 100% roasted coffee beans offer a medium roast versatile blend. 250g. Blended, roasted & packed in New South Wales from imported, ethically sourced coffee beans.
Chef's Cocoa Powder$14.00
Organic Chocolate Powder 100% Dark. 200g. Ethically sourced cocoa powder which is perfect for home baking or using to make hot chocolate. Organic, vegan, dairy and gluten free.
Peppermint Chocolate Powder$12.00
The ultimate peppermint hot chocolate with Australian Peppermint Gum. Sweet mint aroma and taste. Vegan, dairy and gluten free. 200g.
Pink & White Marshmallows $8.30
Smooth & creamy pink and white marshmallows, perfect for those hot chocolate occasions. 40g.
Gift Set$60.00
1x Dark Chocolate Buttons, 1x Three Pence Roasted Coffee, 1x Pink & White Marshmallows, 1x Hot Chocolate with Peppermint, 1x Chef’s cocoa Powder 200g

Dark Chocolate Bar Mixed Set$96.00
12 x Mixed Chocolate bars. 85g each. 2x Lavender and Pink Salt, 2x Blood Orange, 2x Cacao Nibs and Sea Salt, 2x Ginger, 2x Roasted Macadamia, 2x Coffee


About Nomad Chocolates

Nomad Chocolate products are crafted with single origin premium ingredients and are free from soy, fillers and any other emulsifiers. All products are Vegan, Dairy, GMO & Gluten Free. Where possible all ingredients are certified organic and sourced from suppliers who conduct sustainable farming practices. All products are manufactured in New South Wales with ingredients sourced both locally and internationally.